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Salarjung Museum Hyderabad

Salarjung Museum HyderabadThe name of Salar Jung immediately conjures up visions of priceless antiques that constitute one of the largest private collections in the world. Though credit for amassing the collections goes to Salar Jung III, the beginners were made by his grandfather and father.

Salar Jung III was not only a great collector of antiques but also a patron of poets, writers, artists. He enthusiastically encouraged sports and cultural activities. Salar Jung died as a bachelor on march 2nd, 1949, leaving behind him a priceless collections of art objects, rare manuscripts and paintings from all over the world.

The Salar Jung Museum was orginally housed in Diwan Devdi. It was shifted to the present building in 1968. The unassuming facade of the present building, which stands on the banks of the Musi, belies the treasure it holds. Inside, one is immediately struck by the exotica of Asia's largest one man collection. The Museum attracts nearly ten lakh visitors annually.

The Salar Jung Museum was declared as an "institution of national importance" by an act of parliament in 1961. Salar Jung will be long remembered for his antique collection.