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Chennai today is a major metropolis of India, with burgeoning industries. Many major companies, Indian or MNCs, especially in the field of information technology, have set up shop with some of them having their corporate headquarters here.

Chennai offers excellent hotels and transport, a terrific range of food and some serious shopping for silks, cottons and course, magnificent old Hindus temples that offer more than just a fabulous photo opportunity to the discerning! Savour Chennai, for a true feel of India, enticingly different from the tourist tracks of the Delhi-Agra-Jaipur triangle.

Chennai, the cultural centre of South India and gateway to the state of Tamil Nadu, is a fascinating jumble dominated by glittering high-rise emporia and corporate buildings. Cinema and politics are the major beats on the streets. But look between the psychedelic flashes and you'll glimpse the sepia-toned charm of colonial history. More, you'll hear the splendid strains of classical music and sniff a heady compound of jasmines and spices, living traditions that are still savoured from Chennai's ancient past.

Chennai has a history of over 2,000 years. Initially a collection of villages, it is today one of the largest cities of India, with a cosmopolitan society.The area has been a popular trading port, especially among spice and cloth merchants. In the 16th century the Portuguese arrived here, shortly followed by the British East India Company, which set up base in Madraspatnam, as it was then known. The British set about building Fort St George, which was completed in 1653. The township which sprung up around it, George Town, is the oldest municipality in India,being granted a charter by James II in 1688.