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Chennai Travel Locations

Fort St George: Built by the British in 1653, the building has undergone many changes, and currently houses the State Legislature and Secretariat. It is a massive, plain building with a high flagstaff at the front which was once the flagstaff of a wrecked ship. The museum here houses British memorabilia. Robert Clive, known as Clive of India, is said to have been married here, at St Mary's Church, the oldest existing British Church in India.

Sri Parthasarathy temple: This ancient temple was built in the 8th century AD and renovated in the 16th century AD. It is one of the oldest temples in Chennai. There are idols of the five incarnations of Vishnu here, and a shrine dedicated to Vishnu's consort.

Kapaleeshwarar temple: This is an ancient Shiva temple in Mylapore. Constructed in the Dravidian style, it has a 37-m high gopuram which is intricately carved, depicting events of Hindu mythology. It also has inscriptions from the 13th century.

Marina Beach: The eastern edge of the city is bounded by this fabulous 13-km stretch of beach, which remains a popular area for spending delightful evenings. There is an aquarium and the Ice House, where blocks of ice arriving by sea from America used to be stored.

Santhome Cathedral: This cathedral, close to the Kapaleeshwarar temple, was built in the early 1500s by the Portuguese settlers. It is said to house the remains of St Thomas the Apostle (also referred to as Doubting Thomas) after whom it has been named. There is a crypt which is accessed by a staircase before the altar.