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Bangalore-The Garden City

Welcome to the Garden City ,the paradise of the east,Bangalore. Bangalore today is a major metropolis of India, with burgeoning industries. Many major companies, Indian or MNCs, especially in the field of information technology, have set up shop with some of them having their corporate headquarters here. The city is blessed with very pleasant climate throughout the year, the least pleasant being during the months of March and April when the temperature rises to its peak of 35 degree C.

It is because of its excellent communication industry and its pleasant climate that so many corporate houses have made a beeline to this city. All these factors have contributed to making it a city where people are well educated. Most of the people here know atleast three to four languages. The people can speak Kannada, English, Tamil and Hindi with ease. Due to the abundance of IT and related industries, many people are familiar with computers and communication technology. Naturally, you will find a higher density of excellent, educated manpower in this city compared to the other metros of the country. The city is popular for its cyber cafes, pubs, luxury hotels and restaurants, handicrafts, sandalwood products, silks, and fragrant incense sticks.

Bangalore: India's Silicon Valley
Bangalore, the city synonymous with information technology and world class technological excellence, has in the recent past transformed itself from pensioners paradise to the Silicon Valley of India. This, the capital city of Karnataka, is among the fastest growing cities in Asia. Its juxtaposition of orthodoxy and technology makes it a unique city, and, having attracted settlers from several neighbouring states, it is one of the most attractive and cosmopolitan cities in India. Of late, the city has grown by leaps and bounds, spreading itself in different directions.The city has earned various sobriquets such as "the city of science and technology","the garden city of India", "the happening city", "the pub city" and moreOrigin.